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by Gormack on May 6th, 2010

The elm tree had grown so much that the squirrels, formerly baffled by the baffle, could now fly from the branches to land on the feeder to gorge and sun themselves one by one while the birds,  perched in trees all around, squawked impatiently.

 Eventually I moved the feeder. The squirrels, showing not the least sign of appreciation for months of plenty, were furious. Pedro, the leader, tried to find a new way. He tried the branches, the bushes, the retaining wall. He even climbed up inside the baffle and bumped it up and down noisily with his head.

 Finally he gave up and came onto the patio to face the house and his former benefactors. He raised up on his haunches and screamed a long and angry squirrel scream, then stomped away.

 It occurred to me that Pedro most certainly would be an Obama supporter.

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  1. rmg permalink

    Hah! Pedro is probably going to law school or he is going to try to organize a referendum on baffles. It will start be demonizing the people who use baffles.

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