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The Great Robbery

by Gormack on April 12th, 2021

Great Podcast on March 30 on Arcadia Economics! Panelists were Chris Marcus, Chris Marchese, and Robert Kientz. Here is a link:

The Biden-era hyperinflation is now in full effect

These guys are good, but Robert did an absolutely great job detailing some of the evils of today’s financial and political world. Chris Marcus got it going with this comment:

Chris Marcus, Arcadia Economics:

This is a robbery of the system. These are people directly looting, raping, and pillaging a country they swore an oath to protect. I am having a hard time seeing it any other way, especially based on what I have seen in the last week or two. Rob, is that accurate?

And Robert responded with this. Note the topic summarizers are my own, but Robert’s words are transcribed directly.

Robert Kientz, GoldSilver Pros:

Silver Squeeze:

I think it’s gotten so obvious now that’s why you are seeing so many of our youth turning to the precious metals. You’re seeing people come the precious metals who you would not suspect and that’s why we are dealing with the silver squeeze movement. That silver squeeze movement is people starting to wake up and say what the hell is going on.

Regulatory Capture:

It starts with regulatory capture. We have a lot of the same people rotating between wall street and the government and putting in policies that benefit Wall Street. But now it’s getting silly because you’re seeing Yellen going from the Fed to the Treasury, so what’s the difference between the Fed and the Treasury, where’s your independence?


Now you are seeing FASB 56, which allows the government to essentially take the real budget off the books and go black, so whatever bullshit they’re putting out in public you cannot count on because FASB 56 allows them to move money between different accounts and misreport it so whatever you see is a lie. The Constitutional requirement for the government to be honest with people about the finances is gone. The regulatory statute is, of course, unconstitutional but I don’t see anybody challenging it. So the government has granted itself unconstitutional powers to do whatever the hell it wants.

Undocumented Adjustments:

Then you are now seeing Dr. Mark Skidmore with what I think is now up to 145 trillion in “undocumented adjustments” so the money spigot has just blown wide open, and you would have to have your head in the sand, and be either corrupted or completely blind, or so scared you don’t want to admit what’s going on right before your eyes. So I agree with you, it’s is a robbery.


Something Catherine Austin Fitts said a while back: they have already robbed the pensions because they have stuffed them so full of liabilities they can’t be paid back and out the back door went all the value. So the pension systems are in serious trouble.

Robbery by Statute:

Through every way and means you can think of the system is being robbed. And it’s being robbed right in front of you. And it’s being done by statute. And the only way you can get a statute to rob the people is through Congress and through the government. So if you can’t trust your government, and you can’t trust the regulators because they are all captured, what exactly do you do?

Eroding Faith:

This is eroding faith in the system and this is where you get the Wall Street Silver and the Silver Squeeze movement, this is where you get people questioning the legitimacy of the Presidential election. I don’t want to turn this political, but I think for the first time since I have been alive people are openly questioning the legitimacy of a duly elected US President and the entire administration. I’ve never seen that in my lifetime, not to this extent.

I don’t know that any government edifice or body has any credibility right now with the American public, and certainly not with China and Russia who are basically laughing at the current state of the American government.

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