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Forget Greta!

by Gormack on June 8th, 2021

The US of A has some very, very serious problems that dwarf the Right vs Left bickering we see in the media every day. Some people dismiss the Deep State, but it is very real indeed.

About a year ago I became aware of certain irregularities from Catherine Austin Fitts and her Solari Report posts and videos on the work of Doctor Mark Skidmore of Michigan State University.

Dr. Skidmore set his graduate students digging through publicly available government budget documents looking for “Undocumented Adjustments” – like the minor tweaks you need to balance a check ledger or for a petty cash account that isn’t worth detailing.

These things are common in accounting, right? Well, the total that Dr. Skidmore found in these journal corrections was . . .  twenty one trillion dollars.

Yes, that’s Trillion with a T! The budget office’s response to the attention generated by these discoveries was to pull the documents and to begin using a thing called FASB-56, a very convenient accounting rule that allows the deliberate misclassification of line item categories for “national security ” reasons.

Of course, people are asking where the hell is this money is going.

I’ll bet this is one. It quite honestly left me stunned! Did you know that aircraft jet engines do not produce vapor trails? So what are those contrails that crisscross the skies on any given day? Do some digging on “Climate Engineering” and “Geo Engineering”.

Those are streams containing nanoparticles, typically alluminum, being spread in the atmosphere to control climate. This has been going on probably since the forties!!

If there if there is anything that can be known for sure in life it’s that men trying to play God always ends badly. This IS ending badly!

This is no joke; mainstream scientists are sounding the cry. Forget Greta: here’s the source of your Texas Ice Storm; the Southwestern Drought; the California Wildfires; and those other anomalies people try to pin on conservatives and think they can fix with oceans of a dying Fiat Currency.

We’re screwed.

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