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Why the Public Sector Isn’t ’Doing Fine’

by Gormack on June 12th, 2012

From a Josh Barro Bloomberg editorial.

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, a Democrat, says that “irresponsible policy actions” have put San Jose in a bind.

Here is Mayor Reeds hit list of things were done:

1. Giving out raises faster than revenues were growing.
2. Giving out raises and increasing benefits when revenues were falling.
3. Giving out raises and benefits retroactively.
4. Allowing employees to cash out unlimited amounts of sick leave when they retire.
5. Providing lifetime health care for retirees.

Sound familiar? In Chicago the Teachers Union is preparing to strike demanding a 30% pay increase over the next two years.

It has been the pattern since the Teachers Unions have been able to strike: hold students children hostage year after year to obtain for themselves job benefits those of us who work in the private section can only dream about.

Something to think about when you write your check for Property Tax that is nearly as much as your Mortgage.

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