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Dodging Bullets

by Gormack on November 21st, 2016

The aftermath of this election might be contentious and ugly, but it could have been worse. Far worse. Several catastrophes have been averted by the outcome. Consider these:

1)  War with Russia

“Putin is a bully.” “The Russian economy is the size of Manhattan’s.” “We can take down Russia in a day.”

Let’s be clear: we are talking about the world’s largest nation by area with a population of 140 million; a country with a thousand years of history, advanced in mathematics, science, and technology. A country with a long, proud military tradition having large, sophisticated armed forces and, by the way, 8000 nuclear warheads and the means to deliver them.

Ms. Clinton has shown herself many times, including Libya, to be an aggressive and dangerous bungler.  She says she would enforce a no-fly zone over Syria. The Russians say this is Casus Belli.

This is only one of many flash points between the US and the Russian Federation.

Russian troops even now rehearse for the eventuality of nuclear confrontation. The US war generation had a tremendous dread of nuclear conflict; remember the “Duck and cover” drills of the fifties; kids huddled under their desks? How did we get from there to a page 5 story?

This is a very, very dangerous situation, and this woman who so narrowly missed having her finger on the button has demonstrated in word and in deed to be clinically unqualified for the seat of power.

We truly hope the master of the deal will show the wisdom and restraint so desperately needed to deal with a dangerous world. With Madame Secretary this was not a possibility.

2) Constitutional Crisis

The Clintons conceived and operated an international extortion ring, enriching themselves by selling influence, and in Ms. Clinton’s case, the office of Secretary of State. To bribery and extortion add defiance of court orders, lying under oath, obstruction of justice, collusion, and what other crimes God only knows.

Remember Loretta Lynch on the runway. Remember the public humiliation of Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinski, and the others. Remember the collusion with the Department of Justice, obstruction of Congressional investigations, violated court orders.

Look at this power mad woman who shows no trace of ethics, scruples, or morals, with a fawning and a compliant media, and with a huge constituency that gives her a pass on criminal behavior.

Now imagine her with the full power of the Presidency of the United States of America at her disposal as the Congress tries to bring her to bay for her many crimes.

This had the makings for not only a Constitutional crisis like no other; a long and contentious struggle that would disrupt the functioning of the government of the United States of America, from which we might never recover.

3) Monetary Policy

A sleeping world is beginning to understand that current policy is profoundly unwise: it has done far more harm than good and it must stop. We must send the academics with their calculus, statistics, and stochastics back to the classrooms and get back to models based on an understanding of human behavior!

But among the rising tide of calls for a return to sanity is one voice screaming that we have not done enough. That we must follow the path of The Bank of Japan and beyond: take interest rates negative; buy corporate bonds; buy equities; drop cash from helicopters.

Do it all, and do it like never before! Eclipse Abe and Kuroda with interventions on a scale never tried, maybe even dreamed of, except in the nightmare mind of one man: Lawrence H. Summers.

Truly the poster child for Academics gone wild, this man is a danger to the western world, and he was forty-two electoral votes from being in position to ride that fiscal bomb down, like Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove, onto an unsuspecting world below.

It was that close.

This has been truly ugly, but count your blessings America!

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