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by Gormack on January 16th, 2017

It’s a typical talk radio team: male, female, left leaning. Ignorance does not prevent the spewing of strongly held opinions.

Mr. Host says “certainly no one can contest the fact that Barack Obama was a great president”. This despite that familiar map of the USA: Red but for small blotches on the coasts and a few stains in the interior.

Since 2008, courtesy Mr. Obama and the DNC, the GOP has picked up 900 State Legislature seats, 19 Governorships, 60 House seats, 13 Senate seats, and now the Presidency.

One might think liberals would be chastened, but think again. Are they impervious to facts?

Their Mr. Obama parades a recovery that never happened; points to improved race relations while American cities are in turmoil; and celebrates foreign policy success as the Middle East burns and Europe totters.

The adoring minions, meanwhile, are insulated from anything that might spoil the anointed narrative – wrapped in a cocoon: news according to CNN, Entertainment from the left coast, Documentary by Michael Moore, Market Data from CNBC, Financial prognostication from the Fed supported by magic numbers from the BLS.

The collusion, corruption, and crime exposed in the emails? Never happened; only the hacking.

With apologies to Winston Churchill: Correct opinion is so precious that it must be shielded from the truth by a bodyguard of lies.

Somewhere George Orwell must be smiling.


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