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A New Deal

by Gormack on July 15th, 2019

Let’s assume for a moment that the flow of Natural History could be arrested and even reversed according to some script that mankind might devise. Or perhaps more to the point, a plan some junior legislator with a “college degree” might put forth.

And further assuming that such a scheme is not simply laughable hubris, what would one do with mountains of fiat currency, more than yearly US Treasury tax receipts, to change the minds of the gods?

Do hurricanes accept cash payments to dissipate? Do droughts accept Apple Pay? Would Poseidon do net 60 for plastic pellet remediation services?

Or maybe a million people could be added to the Federal payroll, filling up countless high rises with their pensions, expense accounts, health insurance, and maybe dental – to do what, exactly?

Or instead, arm that million with a million saplings each to plant trees – though from where would a trillion saplings materialize and where could they be planted? Can they all be watered? Fertilized? Pruned?

Surely the heavens would echo with a cosmic belly laugh at the sheer arrogance of such things.

But there is a rational action that can be taken in the face of mankind’s diminishing ecological prospects: the world can get down on its collective knees and ask the One who knows all and is all to forgive our hubris and our folly, to show mercy, and to provide guidance.

That’s what we did in the old days. But that was then, and this is now.

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